Being a traditional health worker comes with its own unique challenges, obstacles, rewards and triumphs. No one is more aware of that than YOU, the traditional health worker.

Profile Theatre has created a special program of Community Profile exclusively for Traditional Health Workers. Community Profile is an affinity space centered around monthly writing workshops with award winning writers and exceptional teachers. 

At Community Profile we believe that by coming together to share stories with those who have similar life experiences, we can ease isolation, release negative emotions and frustrations, experience regular positive emotions and create networks of mutual support.

This costs participants nothing but your time and generosity of spirit and you can attend as often or as little as fits into your schedule. Additionally, Profile provides participants free access to all of our programming for the duration of the cohort. 

We hope to provide a place where THW communities can see their own lives reflected back to them. You’ll meet people like you who are there to share their stories, listen to yours and together find a little bit of wisdom, support and love. 

Again, it’s FREE to participate. All you need to do is show up! We meet once a month for three hours, 11am-2pm, via Zoom. We provide the platform. You provide the creativity, wisdom and support. 


Victor Cazares
Ngozi Anyanwu
Lisa Loomer
Anya Pearson
Mfonsio Udofia
J. Julian Christopher
Jennifer Perrine
Jonathan Payne
Kate Moira Ryan
Kate Carroll DeGutes
E.M. Lewis
Ella deCastro Baron

Program Meeting Dates

March 26, 2022 – Meet the Mentors

April 16 – Jonathan Payne

May 14 – Jennifer Perrine

June 18 – Lisa Loomer

July 16 – J. Julian Christopher

August 13 – Ngozi Anyanwu

October 1 – E.M. Lewis 

November 19 – Anya Pearson and Ella DeCastro Baron

December 3 – Kate Carroll DeGutes

January 21, 2023 – Kate Moira Ryan