Profile Theatre General Auditions!

In-person auditions for consideration for roles in Profile Theatre’s 2023-2024 Season, Featuring Kristoffer Diaz, and Christopher Oscar Peña. Productions include awe/struck by christopher oscar peña, Reggie Hoops by Kristoffer Diaz, and Our Orange Sky by christopher oscar peña.

Second Round Audition Date:
Friday, September 8, 2023

12-5pm at Imago Theatre

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues. Auditions should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Audition appointments:
Equity Actors: Please send your top three preferred audition availability times in one-hour blocks to
Non-Equity Actors: Please send your top three preferred audition availability times in one-hour blocks to be added to the waitlist to

SEEKING: Actors for roles in our 2023-24 season

CONTRACT: Small Professional Theatre / $540 weekly (SPT 5)


Playwrights: Kristoffer Diaz and christopher oscar peña
Artistic Director: Josh Hecht
Line Producer: Jamie Rea
Stage Directors: awe/struck: Josh Hecht, Reggie Hoops: TBD, Our Orange Sky: TBD
Company Manager: Lauren McGuffee
Casting Director: RaChelle Schmidt

Present at auditions: RaChelle Schmidt, Casting Director


Production Dates

Rehearsal Dates: October 18, 2023 – November 3, 2023

Previews: November 2-3, 2023

Opening Night: November 4, 2023

Closing: November 19, 2023


To save his daughter from the violence of their home country, Julio convinces her to leave everything behind and move to an unfamiliar world. Monique has never left Chicago but is feeling increasingly alienated by the world around her. Navigating a new country is exhausting and lonely, but when an altercation with a troubled teen leads to the unthinkable, people who were once strangers find a way to become family.


Denia – Latin American girl in her early twenties. Strong willed.

Julio – Denia’s father…a man with secrets. Broken.

Drew – All American perfect white guy…but gay. Never been hurt. Early twenties.

Monique – crazy hood rat…white, but maybe forgets? Ticking time bomb.

Lucy – educated black girl trying not to lose her street cred. Evolving.

Reggie Hoops

Production Dates

Rehearsal Dates: January 22, 2024 – February 9, 2024

Previews: February 8-9, 2024

Opening Night: February 10, 2024

Closing: February 25, 2024


Reggie is one of the most promising executives in the NBA. But as a Black woman working in a male-dominated field, she’s had to work twice as hard to get half as far. Now abruptly unemployed, she’s adjusting to home life with a wife and kids she rarely saw while on the job. Between a mother with a secret past, an unemployed brother, and an audacious wife, Reggie is on edge. When an acquaintance from the past appears with an unbelievable job offer, Reggie finds her family has their own agendas in regards to her career.


Reggie – Female, mid-30s, Black and Irish

Bells – Female, early 30s, Chinese-American, Reggie’s wife.

Muncie – Male, early 30s, Black and Irish, Reggies brother.

Rafa – Male, mid-30s, Latino. Reggies one-time flame.

Iz – Female, Irish.  Late 50’s in the present world, early 20s in flashbacks. Reggie and Muncie’s mother.

Ben – Male, black.  Appears in flashbacks in his 20s and 50s. Reggie and Muncie’s father. 

our orange sky

Production Dates

Rehearsal Dates: May 13, 2024 – May 31, 2024

Previews: May 30-31, 2024

Opening Night: June 1, 2024

Closing: June 16, 2024


With a successful career, an adoring boyfriend, and money to burn Orlando seems to have achieved what others only dream of. And yet he feels more empty than ever. So he makes a life-changing decision and returns to his childhood home. When he arrives with a big announcement to share, he finds he’s not the only one with shocking news.


Orlando – 30s – White passing Latino. 

Marisol – Late 50s/early 60s – Dark skinned Latina – has an accent.

Mando – Late 50s/early 60s – Has an accent. 

Junior – 40s – Dark skinned Latino.

Mario – Late 20s – Dark skinned Latino. 

Wes – 30s – White.

COVID-19 Compliance

Vaccination: Profile Theatre requires documentation of vaccination.

Testing: If you are offered a role, you must be willing to take a COVID test as documentation of a negative test result is required 72 hours prior to first rehearsal. Additional testing may be required as needed. Profile will provide and/or pay for this and any additional tests necessary to the scope of participation.