Every season Profile Theatre identifies a community that our Featured Playwright is intimately involved with and creates a free writing workshop for that specific group which we call Community Profile.

2022-2023: Traditional Healthworkers// Featured Playwrights Kristoffer Diaz and Lauren Yee

2021-2022: LGBTQIA+ BIPOC Youth // Featured Playwright Branden Jacob-Jenkins

2020-2021: LGBTQIA+ and Black Women // Featured Playwrights Paula Vogel and Lynn Nottage

2019-2020: LGBTQIA+ and those living with HIV // Featured Playwright Paula Vogel

2018-2019: People living with chronic illness // Featured Playwrights Lisa Kron and Anna Deavere Smith

2017-2018: Veterans and their families // Featured Playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes