Community Profile is a program that uses the practice of writing to build authentic networks of resilience, strength and hope in a specific affinity group. We bring in excellent and award-winning writers of all disciplines, from novelists to poets to TV writers and playwrights, from around the city and the country to work with our cohort once a month in a three-hour writing workshop.

Once you sign up, come as often or as little as you’d like. We’re currently meeting over Zoom but we have found that this still provides a rich, rewarding experience for our participants.

At the end of the season, we hold a public presentation of the cohort’s work that is entirely voluntary for each individual writer. All participants also receive free tickets to all of Profile’s programming, be it live or virtual.

Our cohort for the coming season will be BIPOC Queer Young People ages 18-28. If you are within that demographic or know a friend or a family member who is, send them our way. We can promise an experience of enlightenment and fellowship, creativity and support. By the end, you (or they) will have a different perspective on your art, your world and yourself within that world. And you’ll have an entire new community of writers, friends and allies.

Some of the writers you’ll work with this year:

Victor Cazares
Aurin Squire
Patricia Ione Lloyd
J Perrine
Zeloszelos Marchandt
Zeloszelos Marchandt
Michelle Keil

If you or someone you know is interested have them RSVP below. If you have any questions contact Director of Community Engagement Bobby Bermea