Josh HechtArtistic Director
Matthew Jones, Managing Director
Krina Turner, Director of Patron and Donor Relations
Jamie Rea, Line Producer
Bobby Bermea, Director of Community Engagement

Mignon Mazique, President
Stephen Schuitevoerder, Treasurer
Linda Jensen, Secretary
Trish Garner
Nia Ray

The Profile Theatre Resource Council is made up of individuals who generously offer their connections or specialized skill and experience to Profile staff, artists and Board. Resource Council members are our ambassadors in the community and our advisors behind the scenes.

Adriana Baer, Former Artistic Director
Lue Douthit
Paul Duden
Erika George
Leslie Johnson
Mike Lindberg
Kush Pathak
Mary Simeone
Patrick Stupek
George Thorn
Jane Unger, Founding Artistic Director
Julie Vigeland
Steven Young
Priscilla Bernard Wieden