Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize. In the industrial town of Reading, Pennsylvania, a group of friends spend their days on the factory floor and their nights sharing drinks, secrets, and laughs. But when layoffs and picket lines begin to erode their trust, they find themselves pitted against each other in a heart-wrenching fight to stay afloat. Based on Nottage’s extensive research and interviews with residents of Reading, Sweat is a searing reflection of America’s economic decline.


“The Essential Theatre of 2020”
Portland Monthly

“Sweat is a paradox—it succeeds completely as an expression of ideas and partially as a work of art”
Bennett Campbell Ferguson, Willamette Week

“As envisioned by Nottage, expertly realized by director Christopher Acebo, and beautifully played by this excellent cast, the decline of these characters feels both emblematic and very specific.”
Darleen Ortega, The Portland Observer

“SWEAT is a must-see for anyone seeking greater understanding about the current social and political landscape of our country.”
Krista Garver, Broadway World Reviews


(Pictured left to right, top to bottom)
La’Tevin Alexander – Chris
Cycerli Ash – Cynthia
Bobby Bermea – Evan
Duffy Epstein – Stan
Linda Hayden – Tracey
Alissa Jessup – Jessie
Victor Mack – Brucie
Chris Ramirez – Oscar
Jim Vadala – Jason


“Passionate and necessary…a masterful depiction of the forces that divide and conquer us.”