Like many institutions, we had to cancel all of our spring programming due to the Coronavirus, eliminating nearly all streams of revenue.

We asked our community to help us raise $75,000 by April 24 to keep our operations going, move our vital community engagement programming online and prepare for a return to public service as soon as this crisis is over.

WE SURPASSED OUR GOAL and raised $100,193 including $17,332 in tickets donated back and $82,861 in cash contributions.

Thank you to all of our donors.

Artists inspire us and bring us hope. When this crisis passes — and it will pass — we will need our arts organizations with us to help us recover, rejuvenate and rebuild. Please help us ensure Profile Theatre is here in the future, continuing our mission of broadening our perspective on the world and deepening our collective compassion.

Thank you to our donors who have made donations to our Be A Light campaign.

Elizabeth Anderson
Priscilla Bernard Wieden and Dan Wieden
Debi Coleman
Linda Jensen and Robert Nimmo
The Gray Family
Charlene Zidell

Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Patricia and Bennett Garner
Mignon Mazique and Jim Rue

Advanced Gender Equity in the Arts
Bob Conklin
Lynn Goldstein
Dawn Hayami
Diane Herrmann
Leslie Johnson
Elizabeth Johnston
Elisabeth and Peter Lyon
Carolyn McKnight
Nia Ray
Rick and Halle Sadle
Marta and Kenneth Thrasher
Steve Young and Jane Fellows
Christine and David Vernier

Greg Berman
Barbara Holisky and Gary McDonald
Jeff and Carol Kilmer
Jim Laden and Rob Nosse
Darleen Ortega
Charlotte Rubin
Bob Speltz
The Standard
Paul Oakley Stovall
Kathleen Worley
Aileen Wyse

Leon Aliski
Robin Anderson
Katherine Bloomfield
Susan Climo
Pam Erickson and Terry Pancoast
Marcia Kahn and Howard Rosenbaum
Edward and Elaine Kemp
Jeffrey and Carol Kilmer
Carol Kimball
Christy Marchant
Daniel Meeker
Birgit Meyer
Corrine Oishi and Lindley Morton
Eddie Passadore in honor of Byron Beck
Charlotte Rubin
Stephen Schuitevoerder and Tami Staudt
Shannon and Hayden Thomas
Jane Unger
Anthony Wilcox
Maureen Wright and Lane Brown
Grey Wolfe

Laura Barton
Kathleen Barnebey
Lauretta Burman
Betsy Bergstein
Linda and Stephen Buckley
Dr. Sonia Buist
Sarah and Steven Cantor
Rita Charlesworth
Ron Crosier
Aubrey Daquiz
Dev Devarajan
James Dixon
Georgenne Ferdun
Esther Lerman Freeman in honor of Barbara-
Olive Grose
Caroline & Adrian Harris Crowne
John Hawthorne
Doren Helterline
Najia Hyder in honor of Mignon Mazique
James Jessup
Alan Jones
Merilee Karr and Dave Goldman
Nancy Kurkinen and Richard Hollway in honor of Linda Jensen
Elizabeth Lahti
Julie and Daniel Lee
Heather Leffler
David Lewis
Wendy Lin-Kelly
Henry Louderbough
Christina Luther
Quinn MacNichol
Jacklyn Maddux
Nancy Matthews
Charles Meshul and Maureen Ober
James & Morley Knoll
Kelyn Moser
Carla Piluso
Steve & Shannon Planchon
Daniel Pollack-Pelzner in honor of Yvette-
John Ragno
Joe Rudy and Lonnie Ferguson
Margo Salisbury
Claudia and Bill Schechter in honor of Alice-
Jesse Smith and Maryann Yelnosky
Ann Smith Sehdev
Karen and Charles Springer
Chen Subramanian
Melissa Stewart and Don Merkt
Patrick Stupek
Gary Taliaferro
Nancy and Howard Thurston
Tom and Linda Unger

Bruce Allardice and Victoria Abrash
Susan Barthel
Louis Baslaw and Anne Conway
Byron Beck
Andrew Boardman and Ruth Costantini
Christine Bourdette and Ricardo Lovett
Bobby Brewer-Wallin
Kate Bredeson
Adam Caniparoli and Miriam Schwartz
Priscilla Carlson and Karen Wells
Lillie Case
Tim & Claire Darling
Sherwin & Michael Davidson in honor of Mimi and Michael Maduro-Stevens
Heather Fairlee Denbrough
Nancy Drake
Amy Driesler
Duffy Epstein
Wendy Feuer
Katherine Fischer
Joshua Forsythe
John Elliott
Madilynn Garcia
Cheryl Gatti
Jane Geesman
Tim and Jan Gillespie
Julie Hastings
Sarah Hershey
Anonymous in honor of Barbara Hershey
Beth Hutchins and Pete Skeggs
Alejandro Juarez
Joe Johnson
Adina Kahn
David Kinder
Mary and Gordy King
Teresa Kraemer
Bonnie Lee in honor of Gloria Ewing
Jody Lasky
Nathan LeRud
Ted and Joyce Liljeholm
Wendy Lin-Kelly
Judy Lyons
Elizabeth and George Marino
Caren Masem in honor of Francee Levin
Karla Mason Smith
Nora McLaughlin
Mary Mears-Haskell
Maya Muir
Jeffrey Mills
Grant Molsberry and William Apt
Cheryl Morgan
Sharon Morgan and Kathleen Kollasch
Judith Nichols
Phyllis and Warren Oster
Beth Parmenter
John & Rose Mary Payne
Sue Pickgrove
Sandy Polishuk
Michael Polson
Karen & John Rathje
Alison Roper
Erica Rubin and Tom Swanson
David Saft & Laura Lehrhoff
Deborah Schauffler
Les Schwartz
Byron Palmer and Helen Sinoradzki
Joanna Smith
Elizabeth and Les Stoessl
Gary Sunshine and Mark Lagasse
Nel Taylor
Judith Wilding
Larry and Hilda Dibe Williams
Craig Willis
Carol Ann & Patrick Wohlmut
Darlene Zimbardi
Erika Zoller