Welcome to Arroyo’s

by Kristoffer Diaz
Directed by Bobby Bermea

February 9-26, 2023

Affinity Nights Pride Night – Feb 10th, BIPOC Night – Feb 17th, Latiné Night – Feb 24th

**Performances take place at Imago Theatre – 17 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214**

After the sudden loss of their mother, Alejandro and his troubled sister Molly must find a way to get by. The bodega their mother ran is closed, the bar (ahem, “lounge”) that Alejandro opened in its place isn’t the success it needs to be, and Molly can’t seem to keep her graffiti off the city’s walls. But, when an overzealous college kid/hip-hop fangirl shows up with a strange theory connecting the Arroyos to an urban legend about the origins of hip-hop, things will never be the same. Two outrageous rap emcees spin a tale of family, music, street art, love, and loss at Arroyo’s Lounge!

The Cast!

Sydney Arentsen as Lelly
Jonathan Hernandez as Alejandro
Ben Johnson as Trip
Anthony Parrish as Nelson
Elvia Reed as Molly
Blake Stone as Derek

Affinity Nights

To celebrate and create welcoming spaces for all community members, Affinity Nights are back during Welcome to Arroyos! Pride Night for LGBTQIA+ community members is February 19th, BIPOC Night for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community members (including AAPI folks) is February 17th, and Latiné Night is February 24th. 

There will be a pre-show reception with wine and snacks at 6:30, and a raffle! While the reception and raffle are for the members of each affinity group, everyone is welcome to join us for the performances on those evenings. 

Tickets are $5 for those communities on those nights. When purchasing tickets, be sure to use the correct Discount Code at checkout (see below for codes). We hope you can join us

Read more about Affinity Spaces at Profile Theatre here.