During Passion PlayProfile is thrilled to be partnering with local artists and with the Geezer Gallery in an exploration of the impact of religious art and iconography on visual artists.  Join us prior to each performance to hear from a different artist about their work and about how religion informs their process, be it to move them towards or away from an expression of faith. Presentations will begin at approximately 6:40pm for evening performances and 1:20 pm for matinee performances.  

For the duration of the festival, we invite you to enjoy the display on the wall in our lobby of work by each of the artists we are featuring. Like Passion Play itself, the pieces reveal that religion and art continue to inform and affect one another, producing work we can all engage with, experience and ponder.

Wednesday, September 9th @ 6:40pm: Eva MacLowry (Paint/Collage)
Thursday, September 10th @ 6:40pm: Eva MacLowry (Paint/Collage)
Friday, September 11th @ 6:40pm: Stephen Graham (Watercolor)
Saturday, September 12th @ 1:20pm: Mary Pacios (Printmaking)
Saturday, September 12th @ 6:40pm: Mary Tapogna (Mosaic)
Sunday, September 13th @ 1:20pm: Mary Pacios (Printmaking)
 -This presentation will be ASL interpreted

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