Community Profile: Voices From The Real World
Community Profile: Voices From The Real World
Episode 4: Madison Mondeaux: An Easy Ghost to Call

“Madison Mondeaux is known in the Portland theatre scene as an adept stage manager. What is less known about her is that she is also a playwright and novelist armed with lush, effortless prose and a taste for the gothic ghosts and the fantastical. And bees.” -Bobby Bermea

Madison Mondeaux
(she/her) was born and raised in Oregon. She grew up telling and writing stories, and graduated cum laude from Knox College with a BA in Creative Writing in 2015. In addition to playwriting and directing, Madison works as a stage manager. Currently, Madison runs a weekly “quarantined writer’s circle”, and is working on her novel, a few short stories, and the script for the New School for the Arts and Academics’ 2021 school play in Tempe, Arizona.

As a queer woman, Madison is especially interested in seeking out and creating art that amplifies and uplifts her community. Madison currently lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with her family. She aspires to live in a swamp under a log, cackling and asking riddles of passers-by.