Jolly Wrapper

Jolly Wrapper, That’s “Wrapper” With A “W”! is a Portland-based musical performer, spoken word poet, and visual artist. His work often draws inspiration from personal experiences, interests, people, systems, and social injustices, which he has encountered and observed throughout his life. Although not confined to any one particular genre of music, his most popular songs usually consist of Hip-Hop Rap and Bedroom-Pop.

He’s very established in the local area both as a Portland Poet, and also as an up-and-coming artist in the Portland rap scene as well. He’s not only performed all over Portland, some of his most notable out of town performances were, Houston Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, and one of his biggest feats yet was being flown out by the Smithsonian Institution, located in Washington DC to give a musical performance for the launch of Open Access, the releasing of the Smithsonian’s digital archives to the public.

He enjoys metal detecting, collecting coins, polishing rocks, and his favorite snack is cilantro! His biggest strengths are being creative and problem-solving. Through art and self-expression, he will change the world. When we asked him how he felt he hit us with his famous catchphrase, “I’m Feelin’ Jolly!”
Support him and he’ll support you!

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