We asked Lisa Kron to contribute some words about The Secretaries, 25 years later!  Enjoy reading what she shared and learn about the origins of this groundbreaking project.

“The Secretaries” premiered in New York City 25 years ago. Wow! That’s so hard to believe, in so many ways! Mostly, I think (I hope!) the play holds up, though, of course, there are some elements that date it (most notably the frequent references to word processing codes that long ago were swept into the dustbin of technology). But the issues and dynamics that drive the play have remained surprisingly topical – disconcertingly so, really. But rather than parse that further, I thought instead I’d like to offer some background on the play’s genesis by way of the introductory notes the Brothers put together when the play was first published, way, way, way back, such a long time ago! I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for coming!” -Lisa Kron, May 2018

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