What is it about a road trip that is so enticing? The adventure that each new place offers, the freedom to sing at the top of your lungs, the feeling of the wind in your hair as you see the country passing by, the intimacy that comes between people sharing a small space, the hours and hours of freedom to contemplate.

For me, 26 Miles provides that contemplative space. In that space, a marathon of questions arises: What happens when we are faced with adversity? With prejudice? With misunderstanding? How do we react when faced with life challenges that threaten to sink us? What are the coping mechanisms that we put into place so we can survive? How do we confront those moments of choice? What does it take to reach across canyons and gulfs and expanse to connect with those who have become distant to us?

This play is about the journey, the discovery that each new mile brings, the rigor with which connection between people is achieved. This is a play about revealing the cracks, about letting go, about a family wrestling to piece together their broken parts. This is a play about a mother and daughter on a journey; about reaching a place where you can allow yourself to fly free.

Rebecca Martinez, Director of 26 Miles.

26 Miles runs June 15-25, 2017.

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