In Dialogue Community Events are opportunities to come together to discuss, explore or experience themes and ideas that lie at the heart of the work of our featured playwright and are often presented through partnerships with other local organizations.



Community Profile: Our City’s Veterans

Monday, November 13th at 7:30pm

Alder Stage

The 2017 Community Profile program culminates in a public performance of the veterans’ writing staged with professional actors.  This event is in conjunction with our rotating repertory production of Water By The Spoonful and The Happiest Song Plays Last, the final two plays in a trilogy of work centered around Elliot Ortiz, a veteran of the Iraq war.


Past 2017 Community Events:

February 5th
Know Your Neighbors: A Conversation with Local Veterans about Service, War and Coming Home

Moderated by Profile Community Council Member, veteran and community organizer Sean Davis, a panel of local veterans will share stories about the frontlines of both combat and of returning to our community.  Humanizing experiences most of us only witness via the news or Hollywood films, the panel will explore the challenges and pressures facing our veterans, addressing the question “What do you most wish civilians understood about you and your service?”

Location: 1515 SW Morrison Street.  Rehearsal Studio