Adriana Baer, Artistic Director
Matthew Jones, Managing Director
Lauren Bloom Hanover, Director of Education and Community Engagement
Paul Jacobs, General Manager
Natalie Genter-Gilmore, Marketing and Communications Manager
D Westerholm, Box Office Manager

BOARD (for bios, click here)
Steve Young, Chair
Richard Bradspies, Treasurer
Paul Duden
Stephen Guntli, Secretary
Linda Jensen
Mary Simeone
Melissa Stewart
Maryann Yelnosky

The Profile Theatre Resource Council is made up of individuals who offer their connections or specialized skill and experience to Profile staff, artists and Board. Resource Council members make connections for Profile within the community, offer services specific to their profession, and/or provide access to funders and financial resources. Resource Council members are called upon when specific need arises and commit to providing advice or advocacy.

Lue Douthit
Erika George
Leslie Johnson
Mike Lindberg
Len Magazine
Susan Magazine
Patrick Stupek
George Thorn
Jane Unger, Founding Artistic Director
Julie Vigeland
Priscilla Bernard Wieden