In January, 2016, Profile Theatre launched its Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, a three-year commitment to producing the work of exclusively women and people of color. The theater has a unique ability to help us see our world in new ways and to help us envision the world that we want. The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is intended to help address the over-representation of one group of people in what has traditionally been understood as the theater canon. Profile Theatre is committed to presenting work that accurately reflects the diversity of our great nation, not just during this Initiative, but beyond.

We are also committed to work that helps us ask questions that could not otherwise be asked, and to using the theater itself as a space in which to have these critical conversations. Our robust commitment to Community Engagement continually asks, “How do we define community?” and “How can the theater be an active part of community-formation?”

Throughout the initiative, we will be putting questions of Diversity and Inclusion front and center through our In Dialogue Programming.

Past 2017 conversations include:

In Dialogue Main Stage Events:
Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner: Family, History, Cooking, and Music: Quiara Alegría Hudes’s Stage Stew
Thursday, February 9th | 6:55pm
Daniel recently interviewed Quiara for The New Yorker about the ingredients that go into her daring, funny, heartbreaking plays, drawn from her family’s Puerto Rican-Jewish heritage, her Philadelphia barrio, and her music training at Yale. As Profile Theatre starts her Pulitzer-winning Elliot Trilogy, Daniel will share what makes Quiara one of the most exciting, innovative, and community-minded playwrights working today.

Madilynn Garcia: Protests to Pulitzers: A Look at Latinix theatre
Saturday, February 11th | 6:55pm
Madilynn Garcia is a native Texan and greatly enjoying her transition to Portland. After studying at UT Austin, she did a Residency at Oregon Shakespeare Festival before moving to Portland. In addition to her work as a freelance production manager, she coordinates the Gateway Program for USITT which seeks to expand opportunities for under-represented designers and technicians in the industry. She’s passionate about Latinx theatre, new plays and promoting diversity (on stage and off) in theatre.

Professor Roy Perez: Elliott, War, and Latina/o Theater
Saturday, February 18th:
 | 6:55pm
Elliott, A Soldier’s Fugue begins a trilogy about life after war for the Ortiz family. Maybe this is why it sets the most somber tone of the three plays: before we can watch Elliott and his extended family, especially the women, start to heal and thrive, we need to understand how deeply the roots of numerous wars reach into the lives of generations of Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.  Indeed, Puerto Rican men and women have served disproportionately in battle since WWII. In this short dialogue before the show, we’ll talk about the legacy of Puerto Rican men and women serving in the U.S. military in order to provide some historical context for the story.  But we’ll also talk about the ways in which Elliott, A Soldier’s Fugue transcends some of the conventions of Latina/o theater and uses a history of tragedy to envision new avenues for recovery, family, and artistry.

We’ll also be hosting a rotating blog of guest writers addressing why Diversity and Inclusion are important conversations to have and how we can practice inclusivity in our own lives. Check back for our latest guest blog HERE.

We want to hear from you! What conversations are you interested in having? Send us your suggestions for In Dialogue topics HERE.