Profile’s mission is to produce a season of plays devoted to a single playwright, engaging with our community to explore that writer’s vision and
influence on theatre and the world at large.

We do this through large-scale professional productions, our expansive
In Dialogue program, and our vibrant education programs.

Our Mission Realized
The dramatists we profile have something significant to say about humankind in all its variety, complexity, humor, tragedy, anger and hope. They cast a light on the desires and demons that drive us to seek a better understanding of who we are, where we are going and why.

As Profile moves into our third decade, we are excited to explore our mission by looking forward, featuring the work of contemporary playwrights who are creating the canon of tomorrow.  

With our 2016 season, Profile is thrilled to embark on our three year Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion. Through this initiative, we are intentionally considering playwrights whom, traditionally, our industry has not supported. We have committed to three years of presenting the work of female and/or playwrights of color.  Currently, there is energized and passionate conversation happening in theatres throughout the country around the ideas of diversity and inclusion.  With this initiative, Profile places itself not only at the center of that conversation, but also on the leading edge of change.

Our Core Values…
1. Engage audiences to have a deep experience with a writer’s work by presenting productions of exemplary artistic merit and quality;
2. Create diverse and high-impact education programming for adults and students;
3. Support artists both artistically and financially, putting our resources back into our local economy;
4. Engage with our community to deepen understanding of our world and foster compassion for each other.

Join the Conversation.